El Caballo Jack London Square

19840801 el caballo jack london square napkin 03

I have been trying to find information on the now defunct Mexican restaurant and music venue El Caballo for a awhile now. It was located at 70 Jack London Square Oakland, CA 94607. I played there several times in 1984 with a band called Stylus that included Dee Dee Crockett (vocal), Paul Cotruvo (guitar, vocal), Steve […]

Composer desk workstation ideas

composer desk

Found this picture on the web somewhere when I was looking for preconfigured composer workstation desks to buy. I love the simple design in this picture but cannot find this desk anywhere. I am pretty certain that the controller keyboard in the above photo is a Doepfer LMK4+. Here is my present setup: Here are […]

Keyboard comparison chart

kurzweil pc3le7

I have been contemplating the purchase of a new keyboard which combines portability and light weight with a large quantity of useful sounds which would come in handy for various gigs and especially shows and pit orchestra gigs. I am somewhat partial to the Fatar actions and was able to play a Nord Electro (2?, […]

Pasadena Jazz Clubs now closed

inn arty's former location

Here is a 1993 Los Angeles Times article about 4 jazz clubs that are all now closed. One of them was the well-known Inn Arty’s at 36 E Holly St Pasadena, CA (818) 793-3723.

Mike Post 1994 biography by Julius Robinson

mike post

I don’t know the source of this article but it has been sitting on my computer’s desktop since 1994. I have not been able to find it’s source in spite of numerous Google searches. “If you shook me out of deep sleep and asked for a one-word key to happiness, I’d have no problem,” says […]

DeepDish Designs GigBook, unrealBook, iGigBook, forScore for iPad

ipad iphone app logo

Just bookmarking these iPad apps for pdf sheet music management and editing. DeepDish Designs GigBook unrealBook iGigBook forScore

ScoreCleaner – Musical Notation Software

score cleaner logo

With the iPhone app ScoreCleaner Notes you can record a melody that you play on an instrument, sing or whistle and turn it instantly into music notation, share it with your friends and synchronize it with ScoreCleaner Desktop on your computer for further editing! ScoreCleaner – Musical Notation Software

Real Book Site – Jazz Music Education

the real book cover

A great resource! Jazz sheet music education, free with no ads for anyone who loves music.Hello, my name is Thayer and I studied music at Berklee back when the Real Book was “illegal”. I thought the original version needed some representation on the net, so I came up with this site. Everything here is available […]

Music Careers in Dollars and Cents

salary guide

A very enlightening source for those in the music business. Check it out here.

Is Smooth Jazz Dead?

Keyboardist Jeff Lorber, who co-produced his latest release with Haslip, has some fun with the suggestion that people involved in smooth jazz might be heading for the exits: “No, they’ve already gone through the exits, they’ve taken the freeway home and they’ve gone to bed.” via Jazz Articles: Crossing Over: Is Smooth Jazz Dead? – […]