Fatar keyboard and other actions

Fatar TP9 Piano action

A post at the Musiker-Board was created by a user who was kind enough to do exhaustive research on the actions of various pro keyboards and digital pianos and share with the world. I have always been obsessed with the actions of keyboards and how natural they feel to me when playing different styles. I […]

Carl Saunders Selected Discography and Transcriptions

carl saunders headshot

This page is maintained by Jeff Helgesen. Great site! Carl Saunders – Transcriptions

This Music Royalty Cheat Sheet Can Help You Understand a Complicated System

bill fulton composer desk

Useful article! This Music Royalty Cheat Sheet Can Help You Understand a Complicated System | Billboard.

The Former Home of Pink Panther’s Henry Mancini in Northridge

henry mancini home northridge

The Former Home of Pink Panther’s Henry Mancini in Northridge~San Fernando Valley Blog

Yamaha U1 SH Upright Pianos SILENT Piano

upright piano generic image

Possible future purchase. U1 SH – Upright Pianos – SILENT Piano™ – Pianos & Keyboards – Musical Instruments – Products – Yamaha United States.

El Caballo Jack London Square

19840801 el caballo jack london square napkin 03

I have been trying to find information on the now defunct Mexican restaurant and music venue El Caballo for a awhile now. It was located at 70 Jack London Square Oakland, CA 94607. I played there several times in 1984 with a band called Stylus that included Dee Dee Crockett (vocal), Paul Cotruvo (guitar, vocal), Steve […]

Composer desk workstation ideas

composer desk

I found the above pictures on the Doepfer website when I was looking for preconfigured composer workstation desks to buy. This is an example of a how a Doepfer controller can be purposed for use without it’s standard flight-case enclosure. The design is attributed to Doepfer customer Christoph Heimel. He as a website at www.christoph-heimel.com […]

Keyboard comparison chart

kurzweil pc3le7

I have been contemplating the purchase of a new keyboard which combines portability and light weight with a large quantity of useful sounds which would come in handy for various gigs and especially shows and pit orchestra gigs. I am somewhat partial to the Fatar actions and was able to play a Nord Electro (2?, […]

Pasadena Jazz Clubs now closed

inn arty's former location

Here is a 1993 Los Angeles Times article about 4 jazz clubs that are all now closed. One of them was the well-known Inn Arty’s at 36 E Holly St Pasadena, CA (818) 793-3723.

Mike Post 1994 biography by Julius Robinson

mike post

I don’t know the source of this article but it has been sitting on my computer’s desktop since 1994. I have not been able to find it’s source in spite of numerous Google searches. “If you shook me out of deep sleep and asked for a one-word key to happiness, I’d have no problem,” says […]