CD/DVD TitleArtistCD or mp3Year
ExplosiveByron FryCD Baby2013
The California LP on the tune "Maybe"Our Dreams Are PremonitionsOur Dreams Are Premonitions2013
High and Mighty - "Standardized"CSULB Bob Cole Conservatory of Music Concert Jazz OrchestraTBA2013
Round TripShawn Graham QuintetAmazon2012
Joy BopThe Magruder MonktetCD Baby2010
New World ("Prove It" horn arrangement)Dave HillCD Baby2010
About 12:00am (producer, composer, arranger, keyboardist, mixer)Bill FultonCD Baby2009
Ritual (piano/synth)Adam CohenCD Baby2006
Like Father, Like Son (keys, arrangements)Ronnie & Joshua CrumblyCD Baby2005
Cartoon Network Christmas 2: Christmas Rocks (I Am Weasel "Happy Baboon Holidays")Bill FultonCartoon Network2005
Cartoon Network Halloween 2: Grossest Halloween Ever (I Am Weasel "Power of Odor")Bill FultonCartoon Network2005
Cartoon Network Christmas: Yuletide Follies (I Am Weasel "I.R.'s First Bike" "Dessert Island")Bill FultonCartoon Network2004
Cartoon Network Halloween: 9 Creepy Cartoon Capers (I Am Weasel "I Am Vampire" epsiode)Bill FultonCartoon Network2004
Whim of the Current (Rhodes electric piano)Paul GoldbergTBA2004
Another Place and Time arrangement of "One Morning In May"Alan Paul2003
Two Seasons ("Mayso" piano)Dave HillGuitar9 Records2003
Time (producer, composer, arranger, keyboardist, mixer)Bill FultonRhombus Records2002
The John Fick Southern California Jazz CompanyThe John Fick Southern California Jazz Company2001
Cartoon Medley "I Am Weasel," "I Weasel's Poem"Bill FultonRhino1999
Film & Television Music CompilationBill Fulton/variousSoundtrackNet1999
PerceptionMark Chosak1998
Live at 66 CaliforniaThe Cannon-Lechner Big BandJSC Records1998
Free ExchangeGoin' PublicFour Winds1997
Current Affairs vol 1 "Headliner"Bill FultonMegatrax1993